First Down with Fr. Eric (July 10, 2022)

Posted on: Jul 08, 2022

Dear Friends,   

The baptism of infants is a powerful sacramental sign when the children are welcomed into a community of faith. It begins the formation of the child into the ways of Christ. The Catholic faith serves the truth of Jesus Christ. From the early formative years of a child there is learning from parents who model faith and love of others to their child. The community also is a model for how we live our lives in the footsteps of Jesus. The ways of Christ that are taught give the child much evidence to follow Jesus as they grow older. 

Before COVID we would have our infant baptisms at our Sunday Masses once a month. Starting next month we are bringing back the infant baptisms at our Sunday Masses; two Masses on one weekend, then the following month two other Masses on Sunday. So every other month the community welcomes the children and their families into the community of faith. 

The responses from the parents, godparents, and family members that attend is they are so moved by the community welcoming and applauding their baptism in our sacred space. It reminds the families it is not just them alone, rather, they belong to a family that serves Christ in the world. I am excited to have our families join us at our Sunday Masses. People are still seeking baptisms for their children. And the parish leadership will keep in touch with all families over time as they raise their child in the practice of the faith. 

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric 

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